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Product catalogues. Sales presentations. Third-party product reviews. Competitive intelligence. With so much information, from so many sources, stored in so many places, it’s become almost impossible to share complete information across a marketing organization. It’s even more difficult to break out of the promotional clutter and get your prospects’ attention.

LinkSpace® is an easy-to-use information-sharing tool for sales and marketing professionals. It allows you to link information — across formats and platforms — and share it within and outside of your company.

Share Critical Marketing Intelligence Department-wide

Most marketing organizations don’t lack information; they lack information sharing. In addition to online product catalogues, corporate collateral, competitive intelligence and other top-level information, companies often have extensive information on scores of prospects, stored in various databases, corporate networks, and individual notebooks.

Great information, but worthless if it can’t be easily accessed and shared by everyone who touches the prospect. How can a flat-out marketing group organize related information and maximize its value? LinkSpace pulls it all together.

LinkSpace allows you to link all of the relevant information - background, e-mail and other correspondence, proposals, Web sites and more - and share it through a common touch point, such as your product catalogue or a customer's Web site. Expensive images and media files will be re-used to create richer sales presentations when they are linked - where they can be found - to corresponding products in your catalogue.  These links will only be visible to authorized users in your sales force so salespeople can even share red flags, hot buttons, and real-time intelligence - information that otherwise might stay in their heads.

No more scrambling for missing information or embarrassing knowledge gaps. Salespeople can have informed discussions with prospects. New salespeople are immediately up-to-speed with relevant information on key accounts.

Place Your Marketing Message in front of Critical Audiences

Your prospects are bombarded by marketing pitches daily. Smart companies are abandoning scattershot ad campaigns and placing targeted messages where their best prospects are most likely to see - and act upon - them.

LinkSpace allows you to deliver highly targeted messages throughout the Web, at the touch points your audience visits most. Shorten the sales cycle by pre-searching and linking industry resources - comparing and contrasting your products – and overcoming potential objections.  Help key buyers reach the right decision faster with greater confidence.

Enrich your relationships with customers, prospects, trade associations and other key audiences, making them a virtual part of your organization. Develop an ongoing dialogue with your best prospects. Respond to emerging news in real time — in the medium your audience uses most. LinkSpace makes it possible.



Tailor your Message

LinkSpace allows you to segment internal and external audiences and deliver a tailored message to each. Inform and mobilize your sales and marketing team and influence your external audiences as they browse the news and information resources. Develop highly targeted links for

  • Corporate marketing staff
  • Field offices
  • Remote sales force
  • Affiliates
  • Trade associations
  • Current customers
  • Prospects

and other audiences.

It’s Easy

LinkSpace® is easy to administer and use. The program works seamlessly with Microsoft Office® and Internet Explorer. Just distribute a simple browser plug-in to external users and create accounts for them.

You’re always in complete control of which information reaches which audience. And you can easily manage publishing privileges and user accounts from a central control panel.

Supercharge your Marketing Effort

Trying to do more with less? LinkSpace® lets you leverage your resources and create maximum awareness - inside and outside your organization.

  • Create a new channel.  Influence your most important customers - throughout the web.

  • Shorten the sales cycle.

  • Increase the value of your products page (portal) with targeted links.

  • Avoid embarrassing information gaps.
  • Enhance product awareness while reducing use of expensive collateral materials.
  • Deliver business intelligence to sales team members - where and when they need it.

  • Respond quickly to news and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

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